MacBook Repairs

Are you shocked by Apple's flat rate to fix your liquid damaged MacBook ( $750 -$1250) ? Here's what it would cost with us : Logic Board Repair : $350 - $550 (depending on model). Laptop Rescue's electronics engineers are expert at component level logic board repairs. We repair what is broken on the circuit board without high cost logic board replacement.

For the past several years, Laptop Rescue Sydney became well known as an expertise in Apple Mac repairs, and thousands of customers from all over Australia will vouch for that - even the official AppleCare staff who keeps referring people to us.

MacBook unlike laptop PCs, are built with utmost perfection - every screw counts, every cable is placed precisely and every particle of dust can make or break a Mac. This is why it is so important to leave your computer with perfectionists who knows what they are doing.

Our recent repairs include:

- Spinning wheel of death : Your Mac wont boot and stays stuck on boot screen. This can happen for a variety of reasons, starting from a software problem to a hard disk failure. These can be diagnosed very quickly and in most cases be solved within several hours.

- Reflowing of a NVIDIA GPU on a MacBook Pro, as well as on a 21 iMac. Essentially, this means soldering the graphics chip back into place, literally restore it to as new performance.

- Liquid spill damage: Our favorite. Water, wine, tea, coffee - even an entire bottle of soy sauce.
Heads up: if you just spilled something on your computer, DO NOT turn it on, do not plug it in, and if possible, remove the main battery. And then call us ASAP, as time is of the essence.

- Broken screens: We stock glass replacement as well as LCD replacements of MacBook's and MacBook Pros of all sizes shapes and colors.

- Dual booting: Software setup of Macs to run both Windows and Mac O/S.

- SSD drive installation as a replacement of the old optical drive on an MacBook.

- EFI Firmware/BIOS password removal.

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